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How google reviews increase business reputation

You may be interested in how you know how to earn your Google My Business profile to improve your online reputation so that you can take other steps to positively influence the opinion of people in your brand.

6 ways to improve your online reputation with Google My Business

  1. Ask people to review you
  2. Respond to all reviews
  3. Track how customers are using your listing with GMB Insights
  4. Connect with customers via GMB Messages
  5. Take control of your Questions & Answers
  6. Update your business listing often

Connect with your customers through Google reviews.

Once a consumer gains interest in your brand, Google reviews have become the most powerful tool as well as helping buyers make a decision.

Absolutely 93% of consumers say that Google reviews influence their purchasing decisions and 78% of consumers trust online reviews more than personal reviews.

The reviewer may not have control over what you want to post about your brand, but you can control how you respond.

And it turns out that business responses to reviews have a huge impact on consumer perceptions and buying behavior.

Below are some guidelines on how to manage reviews to strengthen your reputation and build better relationships:

Building trust by responding instantly and attentively Quickly and thoughtfully Responding to reviews is a powerful way to show your consumers that you care about them and help them have confidence in your brand.

According to a Google study, consumers say they are 1.7X more trustworthy than businesses that respond to reviews.

Increase SEO with each review response Feedback on reviews helps improve your SEO so that your listings appear more frequently (and higher up) in search results.

Google has confirmed that review response rates are an important component of how they rank businesses in Google search results.

Provide helpful information 89% of consumers demand to read business responses in reviews, this is a major opportunity for brands to gain more control over the narrative and provide more rich information about their business.

For example, depending on the content of the reviews, you can gain more insight into your products, suggest alternatives, or share updates about special events or promotions.

It is also a great opportunity to correct any inaccurate or misleading information posted in the review.

Reduce Negativity to Improve Overall Rating You should always respond regardless of how negative (or even directly unfavorable) the content in the review is.

Every customer appreciates the feeling of listening, and responding can help reduce negative feelings about your brand and even further improve your review rating.

In fact, a recent survey found that customers responded to their negative reviews, with 33 percent of them changing their reviews to be more positive and 34 percent deleting their negative reviews.

recognize advantage through customer feedback Last but not least, online reviews provide an invaluable creation of buyer feedback.

By enhancing with reviewers (both positive and negative), you can improve key insights into what your brand is doing very well and identify where there is room for further improvement.

You can also follow up with the reviewers via direct message or call to continue the conversation and get even more insight into their good and bad experiences. 

Respond quickly to every review 

Network integration lets you respond to customers without leaving the platform, which helps you significantly reduce response time.

Sprout users will be able to access the saved answers to ensure a quick response that is unsolicited and consistent.

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